Shah Rukh Khan has been busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘Pathan’ and Atlee’s ‘Lion’ in the past months. Now recently, sources close to the film about ‘Lion’ have shared many special and interesting information. A source close to the film said, “Shah Rukh Khan will be seen committing a major robbery in ‘Lion’ like a professor from the popular web series ‘Money Heist’.” Shahrukh will be seen in a double role i.e. father-son in ‘Lion’. In the film, the character of Shahrukh’s son will be seen hijacking an entire metro train. This crucial sequence of the film was first shot in Pune in October last year. Another portion related to the same is fixed in Chennai also. However, the shooting has not resumed due to the Aryan case and now Omicron’s threat. The shooting of ‘Pathan’ has been halted due to the threat of Omicron. Deepika Padukone who is now busy promoting her second film ‘Gheeriyaan’, sources associated with ‘Pathan’ told that will be in this film has completed shooting for her part in this film. She hardly has two to three days of work left in her Spain schedule. While there are a total of 20 to 25 days of shooting of the film is to be done. Deepika will shoot a song sequence with Shah Rukh there. For the rest of the days, the portion shoot with John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan’s face off will take place.
Shahrukh will be seen in a negative role for the 9th time in Atlee’s ‘Lion’. South’s trade analyst Ramesh Bala has shared the story of their collaboration. He said, “The friendship between the two started after the release of ‘Marsal’ four years ago. Shah Rukh liked Thalapathy Vijay’s work in that film and Atlee’s direction as well. ‘Marsal’ was his deal cracker. Shahrukh himself had contacted Atlee. Karan Johar has also been influenced by Atlee’s work. So Atlee’s movement to Mumbai also increased. That’s why Karan Johar is also a co-producer in ‘Lion’. Karan is keeping a close eye on the makers and rising stars of South anyway. Very soon he can work with more makers and actors out there. Some scenes of ‘Lion’ will be shot in Chennai, Ramesh Bala further explains, “I don’t know whether there is a metro hijack in the film or what, but the chances of Shahrukh being in a double role are strong. This is because Atlee has the specialty of portraying heroes in double and triple roles. Atlee has done four films in the South so far. Three of them are with Thalapathy Vijay. He portrayed Vijay in double and triple roles in ‘Marsal’ and ‘Bijil’. One had a father and two lookalike sons. The second was the story of a father and son. Something similar can also be seen in ‘Lion’. Atlee is planning to shoot some portions in Chennai as well. However, in view of the circumstances these days, shooting is possible only at Romoji Studios in Hyderabad. That is because the provisions of Covid restrictions in Telangana are a bit soft. Ramoji Studio is anyway far and away from the city.


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