Shamshera movie flopped

Ranbir Kapoor’s 150-crore budget film Shamshera got the tag of a flop with its release.

Sumati Chaubey, Chandigarh, India. One of the most anticipated film featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt, Shamshera was boycotted on social media even before its release. It is being said that it has insulted Hinduism, which the fans did not like at all. The film has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. People slammed it for being ‘anti-Brahmin’ and anti-Hindutva. People are tweeting all over and saying to boycott the movie because it is an anti-Hindu film. They called the film Shamshera anti-Hindu for showing Sanjay Dutt’s character Shuddh Singh sporting a Tripundra Tilak.

The two major reasons because the film bombed at box office is because of #BoycottBollywood trend and bad making.

One said, “Portraying the Villains with TILAK and with other Hindu identities ” is a malicious attempt of Bollywood to tarnish Hinduism. Everyone liked the creepy look of Ranbir Kapoor. But people are furious after seeing the look of Sanjay Dutt, who became a villain. The actor has a red hinge on his forehead, and a section on social media did not like it at all. Due to showing the villain of the Hindu religion in the film, people are angry and are boycotting this film on Twitter, due to which Boycott Bollywood has once again dominated on Twitter.

According to media reports, Shamshera collected from 11.50 crores to 12.50 crores on Sunday. Including the figures for three days, the opening weekend collection of the film has gone up to 32.75 crores. This three-day business of Shamshera is shocking. Where films are earning 50 crores in just 3 days these days, Shamshera’s earning around 30 crores is astonishing.


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