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There have been numerous TV Serials made on Lord Shiva and Devi Shakti. June 19, 2023, a new TV show “Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav” was telecasted on Colors TV and its episodes are available on Voot. The show is based on the spiritual love between “Lord Shiva” and “Goddess Shakti”. How did they both sacrifice their union for the sake of creation? The Serial is based on three major Hindu Scriptures: Shiva Maha Purana, Devi Bhagwat Mahapurana, and Linga Purana.

Shiv Shakti Synopsis: Casting and Credits

Shiv Shakti: Tap Tyaag aur Tandav

The Mythological TV serial is produced by Gayatri Gil Tewary, and Rahul Kumar Tewary under the banner of Swastik Productions, and Siddharth Kumar Tewary wrote it. Raam Yashvardhan is playing the role of Lord Shiva while Subha Rajput is playing the role of Shakti in it.

Plot and Review of Shiv Shakti: Tap Tyag and Tandav

The Story is initiated when Adi Shakti along with Shiva created the universe and the rest of the trinity i.e. Brahma and Vishnu along with Saraswati and Lakshmi. There Shakti merges herself with Prakriti and got separated from Shiva. Thereafter story goes on. They have showcased everything briefly. Putting more stress on the love bond between Shiva and Shakti is taking away from the educative part of the divine saga of Shiva and Shakti. They have made the show fully dependent on Shiva and have made the story centered around Shiva, which almost every Shiva-oriented serial does. Shakti’s character seems weak or maybe it is too early to tell this. The best part of the show is that they have shown a very pious and soft side of Shiva. That is why he is called Pashupatinath. Why does he care about Prakriti the most?

Shakti and Vishnu from Shiv Shakti Serial

Performances of various actors

If you check out the performances of the actors then Ram Yashwardhan as Shiva is Amazing. Anyone can fall in love with devotion the way he speaks. He looked magnificent as MahadevThey has presented Shiva’s character so well. Ram Yashvardhan is playing the role very well. He has been well-accepted as Lord Shiva. Subha on the other hand is nailing great dialogue delivery. She has been assertive. Though her portrayal is looking weak because of the writing. Sati aka Subha’s dance is trending on Social media. Another good work from the devotional serial is its dance choreography. Another actor who has acted so nicely is Srikant Dwivedi as Lord Vishnu but the problem is that Vishnu’s appearance does not suit him. Though he is a great actor and his accent, and voice modulation is impactful, either maker should present him nicely.

Ram Yashvardhan as Lord Shiva

Nutshell: The show is good to watch and should not be missed because watching the story of Shiva and Shakti is always a treat.

Rating – 3.5/5.


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