Monsoon rampage damaged Chandigarh

The monsoon rains in Chandigarh are creating flood-like conditions again.

Chandigarh, India: It rained in the night, the water level of Sukhna Lake started rising, flood gates may be opened again

It rained once again in Chandigarh on Wednesday night. There was 3.3 mm of rain in the night. Due to this, the water level in Sukhna Lake has started rising once again. At the same time, a lot of water has also entered Sukhna from the mountains, due to which the water level is increasing. Right now the water has reached 1162.10 feet in Sukhna. As soon as the water reaches 1162.40 ft, the floodgates of the lake will be opened.

The Rains are affecting the traffic jam too. Due to heavy rain, many roads have collapsed so Administration has to close the roads. Our Sources reported heavy jams. One such jam was near the railway station light. Chandigarh Traffic Police personnel are continuously working to control the jam situation. During this, heavy traffic is being cleared by manualizing the automatic traffic lights.


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