“Memoriam Segment” was a special segment that was created to remember and pay tribute to the departed artists at 93rd Oscar Awards during the ceremony of Academy Awards. The late actor Irrfan Khan was remembered and paid tribute. Irrfan Khan worked in Hollywood and played different roles and has done ‘Life of Paya’ , ‘Jurassic World’ and many more . Moreover, He has also acted with his own eyes.

In addition to this, In year 2014, In IIFA awards, Irrfan Khan gave a speech and said alot about himself and his family. He said; What is the risk …. Risk means for me to dream and believe in them. The family I am from had no creative background nor a businessman. I was in a loop. I was impressed by watching few films and dreamed of becoming an actor. This was the biggest risk of my life. I followed my dreams and wanted to jump into my dreams.


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