A shopkeeper from Ahmedabad in Gujarat has filed a complaint against businessman Raj Kundra firm , to duped of Rs 3 lakh by the pretext of making him distributor for an online cricket skill-based game. However, the trader lodged complaint with the Mumbai crime branch and cyber police.

As, per the sources, The Gujrat based shipkkee6 said, the police are verifying the complaint and will decide accordingly on registering an FIR.

According to the officials, ‘Hiren Parmar’ the complainant filed an online complaint against the firm, However, Hiren alleged that he was promised by Viaan Industries that he will be made the distributor for ‘Game of Dot’. However, the company didn’t keep its promise, following which he demanded a return of Rs 3 lakh he had invested, but didn’t receive a response.

Apart from this, The officials investigated that The complainant claimed that in the year 2019, Hiren Parmar had filed the complaint with the Gujarat cyber department but no action was taken. However, the shopkeeper approached the Mumbai police after Kundra was arrested for allegedly running a mobile application for distributing adult films.


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