A young man named Ashish Kumar singh, 23 if muzaffarpur in Bihar was recently arrested by cyperabad police on Saturday. The accused has allegedly cheated person from telengana by promising help in the name of Sonu sood. In the investigation, the police found out that the accused has described himself as an advisor to Sonu sood on twitter.

The complainant reached out to the police on March 3. He wanted to help some needy people in his state telengana and start to trace sood’s charity company’s number. One day he got a number and called according to the person, Ashish picked up the call and described himself as an advisor to sood and assured Helo. The accused assured if a donation worth Rs.50 thousand but first he would have to pay 8 thousand 300 rupees as registration fees. Later on, the accused told the complainant that sood has described to done 3 Lakh 60 thousand rupees but Rs. 60,000 will be required to pay for registration after hearing the huge amount telengana resident suspected fraud and reached out to the police.

The telengana resident filed a complaint against the accused to the police about thefraud.Following which the police arrested Ashish on Saturday .


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