Chandigarh PGI neither needs electrician nor lift operator. Along with these two posts, a dozen other posts have been declared inactive by the institute. Not only this, the PGI administration has arbitrarily stopped the recruitment of hundreds of posts in 14 different cadres by declaring them inactive. Due to this there is anger among the employees working in these cadres.
The employees allege that the officers are applying arbitrary rules for their own benefit.

\The shocking thing is that the PGI administration is accepting that it has not issued any order to declare the dying cadre, but the recruitment and promotion of employees in these cadres has been stopped. Now the employees working in these cadres are preparing to go to court. Ashwani Munjal, president of PGI Employees Union Non Faculty, says that in this regard, the PGI administration has replied in the RTI that after the decision of the Coordination Committee, the order to stop the recruitment has been implemented verbally.

It does not have a written order, whereas the Coordination Committee constituted by the Government of India does not have the right to declare the posts of the Institute inactive. Munjal alleges that by doing so, while on the one hand the PGI administration has conspired to deprive the employees posted in those posts, on the other hand, the work is being done to increase the contractual practice by abolishing the government posts, because have been declared inactive, a large number of contractual employees have been placed on those posts in a few months .


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