Sex plays an important role in a romantic relationship. It is important that you enjoy your sex life completely. Because sex does not meet the two things, but also the union of the mind. Therefore, respect your partner’s feelings too. Do not do any acts that hurt your partner. That is why it is important to keep these things in mind while having sex.

  • Individual must know the difference between sex and love. Love moves forward if you fulfill things that your partner wants while doing sex. Don’t be selfish in sex. Try to interact with each other through smile, eyes and slow talks and give more time to things like sensual touching and massage.
  • Talk to your partner about every sexual activity. Think of new actions. Note about the action you can perform, note every action should be sensual and then see which actions you can make during sex.
  • Women do not like the men who focus only on one part of their body. Rather she wants you to adore her whole body. If you do this then the probability of reaching women’s interest increases.
  • If you think of someone else while you are having sex then there is no harm in it. In this way you can make Sexual Experience even more exciting.
  • Imagine that you are having a great surroundings of life and along with your partner too, because it is true that sexy fantasies made during sex will further increase your excitement. Make your love divine with deep breaths and feel the heart beats while body play.
  • Together in a bathtub or taking a bath in the bathroom, you will make a unstoppable romance bond between the two, whose warmth will glow in your sexual libido. Kissing, looking and smooching at the limbs while the process of sexual intercourse, the enjoyment of sex got doubled.

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