The significant use of technology always boost the evolution. Imagine what can happen if one can store the data associated with DNA. This technology can clearly help in getting treatment of noncurable diseases like cancer. Shivom is the tool that uses blockchain technology for data analysis and discovery, direct to customer or personal testing for genes.

Its application is being used in various organizations around the world. Andhra Pradesh government has also used it for DNA sequencing. Shivom is associated with two powerful crypto currency exchanges IDEX and COINSUPER. Add to above Nasdaq Nordic’s OMX is also another exchange assoicated with Shivom.

What actually Shivom does?

Shivom the medical startup

As per Gourish, Shivom optimized Living DNA app in such way that it is adding them in the Marketplace, where it is offering customers a 3-in-1 ancestry Kit. This Living DNA’s 3-in-1 ancestry kit later on will provide Shivom’s customers with the ability to trace their evolution through maternal ancestors, and to check how they helped in origin and evoluting them around the world over thousands of years. Shivom is the most well-funded genomics blockchain startup in the world.

Gourish is a young and ambitious professional who is actually behind the utilization of this technology to impulse new dimensions in medical and health industry. He will keep on upgrading this to establish healthy world through blockchain technology. He also leads world-class innovation council in Shivom that also associates Taavi Roivas, former prime minister of Estonia and Antanas Guoga, a Lithuanian representative of European Parliament.


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