The doors of Badrinath Dham were opened with Vedic chanting at 4:15 am on Tuesday. The entire temple is decorated with 2000 kilograms flowers. While opening the kaput, there were only a few people with the chief priest Rawal following social distancing there.

This is the second time when a limited number of people were present at the opening of the doors of the Badrinath temple. Apart from Priest Rawal, Dharmadhikari, Additional Dharmadhikari, limited number of Haq Haqukdhari and Devasthanam Board officials, employees were present. The doors of the Badrinath temple were opened in the early hours of Tuesday in the Pushya Nakshatra and the Vrish Lagna at Brahmamuhurta at 4:15 am between the Vidhi-Vidhan and Veda mantras. The gateway to the Singhdwar gate of the Badrinath temple was first opened.

Covid-19 guidelines were followed, along with Utsav Doli from Pandukeshwar, the chief priest of Badrinath Dham, Rawal Ishwar Prasad Namboodari, Dharmadhikari Bhuvan Uniyal, Additional Dharmadhikari Radhakrishna Thapliyal, Satya Prasad Chamola, Vedpathi Bhatt, Bhitla Badwa Jyotish Dimri, Ankit Dimri, Representatives of Harish Dimri, Pujari Gana, Haqqdhari Mehta, Bhandari, Kamdi, Rankwal, who are associated with the temple system, were present.


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