Coronavirus or Covid 19 new symptoms

Report by Radhika, Chandigarh. More than one lakh cases of corona are being reported every day in India. Cough, fever, loss of test smell were common symptoms of this deadly virus. But with the destruction of the new strain, now new symptoms have also been seen. Let us tell you how different the new strain symptoms of Covid-19 are from the old variants and how they can be identified.

Light red eyes – According to a recent study in China, after considering the new strain, some different symptoms have been identified. In the new variant of infection, a person’s eyes may turn light red or pink. Apart from redness in the eyes, there may be complaints of swelling and watery eyes.

Ear problems – According to a report published in the International Journal of Audiology, the new strain of Covid-19 can trigger ear problems. This problem has been observed in about 56 percent of the people in the study. If you are also feeling any such symptom then it may be a sign of a new strain of covid-19.

Stomach Problems – In the new strain, researchers have also said that there is a complaint related to the gastrointestinal tract. Previously, where the patient used to complain only in the Upper Respiratory System, now stomach problems are also coming to the fore. In the new strain, people have felt diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and digestive disorders.

Brain Fog – In the second wave of coronavirus, the problem of neurological disorder is also seen in people getting infected. According to a report by medRxiv, the problem of brain fog or mantle confusion has been observed in people who have been ill with corona for a long time. This neurological disorder is also affecting their sleep and memory loss.

Heart Beat – If you have been experiencing abnormal heart rate for a few days, then do not ignore it at all, according to a report from the Mayo Clinic, the rate of heartbeat becomes much faster after the new strain is hit. In a report published in JAMA, 78 percent of the recovered people have said that they have a cardiac problem. While 60 percent of people have reported complaints of myocardial inflammation.

Headache – Health expert says that the new variant of Covid-19 is attacking the body in different ways. The new strain is highly contagious and is easily spread to the lungs and respiratory tract. Because of this, pneumonia is happening, which is making the corona more deadly.


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