HIMACHAL PRADESH : If people of Scheduled Castes and other reserved categories change their religion, then they will not get any kind of reservation. Apart from this, if they take reservation facilities by hiding the matter of conversion, then in such a situation they will be punished for three to five years and fine from 50,000 to one lakh rupees. Himachal government is going to tighten Religious Freedom Act-2019. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur introduced the Freedom of Religion Amendment Bill-2022 in the House on Friday. 10 Bills were introduced in the Assembly, out of which one was passed. Nine bills will be passed on Saturday.

On the passage of the amended bill, Himachal has made a provision for punishment for forcible, fraudulent methods and disclosure of caste at the time of marriage. According to the provisions of the amended law, there will be a provision of imprisonment for 7 to 10 years in case of mass conversion in which two and more people are converted together by fraudulent or forceful conversion. According to the draft of the amended law, there will be a provision of imprisonment between three to 10 years in case a person marries in another religion and hides his original religion at the time of such marriage. The law has made a provision for a fine ranging from one to one and a half lakh rupees. Any complaint received under the provisions of the Freedom of Religion Act shall not be investigated by an officer not below the rank of a sub-inspector of police. It will be heard in the Sessions Court.


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