Youth Congress demonstrated vigorously in Dharamsala against the state government in protest against the appointment of youths from outside states in various government posts. Youth workers took out a funeral procession from Pawawara Chowk in Kotwali Bazar to Gandhi Vatika.

Youth Congress working president Yadupati Thakur was specially present. Youth Congress workers tried to burn the Chief Minister’s effigy. Meanwhile, police personnel also reached the spot and the atmosphere became quite heated. While stopping the burning of the effigy, there was a scuffle between the youth officials and the police personnel. During this, slogans of Police Murdabad were also raised. The atmosphere deteriorated during the scuffle. After this, Yukan collected the paper and set it on fire, but the police did not allow the effigy to be burnt.
The youth says that the number of unemployed in the state is continuously increasing. Instead of paying attention to them, the government is giving jobs to the youth of outside states. Injustice will not be tolerated with the youth and if the government does not take proper decision regarding the appointments given to the people from outside states, then there will be a fierce agitation at the state level. State YuC working president Yadupati Thakur said that there are 14 lakh registered unemployed in the state. Their number is increasing continuously, but the Jairam government is working on the youth of the outside states.At the same time, District Youth President Pankaj Kumar Panku said that unemployment is increasing continuously in the state, but the focus of the government is on providing employment to non-Himachalis. If the government did not take a proper decision on giving employment to the youth of outside states and if the result of conductor recruitment is not released within 10 days, then the agitation will be raging at the state level. There will be a sit-in demonstration outside the assembly including the CM residence. During this, Vijay, Indra, Karna, Manoj Mehta, Youth leader Goldie Chaudhary, Akshit Maini, Jitendra Dhiman and others were present


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