A new ray for citizens of Patiala . New lab set up for third wave variants.

In view of the possibilities of third wave of corona, the Punjab government is on alert. Virus Research Diagnostic Lab (VRDL) has been set up at the Medical College, Patiala to identify its avatars, which is the first of its kind with the Covid-19 genome sequencing facility. There is a lab.

You will not have to wait for a month to test a new variant of corona infection from this lab. New information will be available only in 5-6 days. According to Health Minister Balveer Singh Sidhu, all samples of suspected patients of the new variant of Covid were sent to NCDS Delhi. Where it used to take more than a month to confirm the new variant of Covid.

Government Medical College , Patiala

According to experts, if a case of a new variant of Covid is found in a particular area, there is an urgent need to do contact tracing and testing of all suspected patients to prevent further spread of the virus. He said that with the availability of Genome Sequencing Facility at Government Medical College, Patiala, reports are now being received in 5 to 6 days.

The laboratory has been built by UK-based manufacturer Oxford Nanopore. MINION MK 1C Special Concise & Portable USB The device is powered by the DNA and RNA Allows for quick access to results through real-time analysis of both. Genome Sequencer and Accessories The donations have been made as part of the state-run COVID-19 Response Sport by Path, a non-profit based non-profit organization.

It is a matter of relief that so far 150 samples have been tested here with new technology in this lab and no new variant of corona virus has been identified in any of the samples. Appreciating the efforts being made by the in-charge of Government Medical College, Patiala, the Health Minister has said that this lab will be given the responsibility of ICMR. Through COVID-19 RT-PCR across India Lab is recognized among top 5 labs in testing capacity. To augment the existing capacity of the lab, the team of research assistants and microbiologists has received training on COVID-19 genome sequencing by a team of experts from the Bangalore based sequencing research hub, Genotypics.


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