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India in Ancient Period

Acclaimed as the first organized civilization of the world, Hinduism was well flourished across south Asian subcontinent and was regarded as “Akhand Bharat” or Bharatvarsh. Basically, It was the kingdom conquoured by the greatest king “Bharat” to ever step onto earth. The people living in the region were either suryavanshi or they were chandravanshi. But the gods or goddesses they used to worship, were inter related. Later many other cults were evolved from it due to so many authentic opinions and views like Puranism, Jainism and Buddhism. The three were living happily and many small provinces came into existence. Bharat was the biggest economy of the world. When whole world was busy in orthodox, Bharat evolved Ayurveda, Yoga, Maths, Astro studies. People of Bhaarat was living its golden life till 6th and 7th century.

Rise of Islam in the Medieval period

Suddenly a new religion evolved in Arab. Rise of Islam deliberately did shrink Persian and other important civilizations. With all significant teachings by Prophet Muhammad and enforcement of ferocious Muslim kings, Islam flourished all over the northern and western Asia hence these Muslim Kings disobeyed the teachings of Prophet and Many Muslim Kings invaded India and destroyed the terrestrial and wealth properties related Sanatan dharma, Buddhism and Jainism which included greatest universities, wealthy temples and much more. Because of distorted Hindu Kings, Mughals became sole ruler of Bharat. Invasion of Mughals brought forceful conversions. But dharma prevalent in India met another change so there came Bhakti Movement. Except for Akbar all the other Mughal rulers behaved cruelly with peple from other religions so Saints like Adi guru Shankracharya, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Mahakavi Tulsidas ji played a vital role in stopping the conversions taking place. Sanatan Dharam was on the initiation of declining due to cruel rule of Aurangzeb but suddenly in the late 17th century there was the emergence of Chhatrapati Shivaji and tenth Sikh warrior Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It re established the Hindu Kingdom in India and also brought the evolution of another panth called Khalsa. It was led by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It resulted in birth of Sikh Religion. Many scholars view it as an another branch of Hinduism.

Though the economy of India was at peak but on the part of Technology it was not as developed as the other Western civilizations and also Marathas were not united so it so it led the invasion of British Empire in India. It invaded technology in India but India’s economy was totally destroyed. Indians had to rely on British government for food, jobs and shelter but there was one positive side to it. British actually used divide and Rule policy to establish its Empire but at last both Muslims and Hindus united together under the leadership of many Freedom Fighters.

After the long-lasting struggle of our Freedom Fighters we got the independence at the cost of division of India into two parts. It took vast lands like Sindh and Buloch away from India. The most heavy loss was the partition of Punjab. The land that saved India from invaders was broken into two parts. The division was made on the name of religion but many scholars consider that “to be sovereign” will was the actual reason for this division. The Western part is Today’s Pakistan. In 1947, minority population of Pakistan remained 24% which now has become 3% only. Not only this, Minority condition in Afghanistan, Bangladesh is also very bad. The only safe home for Hindus and other minor religions is either India or Nepal. But Nepal is not that big that could give home to them. Only option of these people is India. There are so many Islamic countries in the world. So a Muslim who is not happy living in his born and brought up country can find his new home in any of the Muslim Country.

Amit Shah Introduced CAB Bill

The Citizenship Amendment Bill by home minister “Amit Shah” is the most important bill in an order to protect minority livings in other countries who at Medieval period were citizens of India and are not feeling the sense of freedom even after the struggling for 1000 years.


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