From last seven days I am seeing the protests from various region. what actually is showing. How tolerating are Muslims for Hindus. From 1000 years they are molesting Hindus on the name of religion by destroying assets and Hindu Universities. One bill that can keep the security of minority in neighboring countries is why hurting Muslims of India. These two bills will clearly not harm the citizenship of Muslims of India. It is for the establishment of “Sharnarthi” or shelter seeking minority of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Why Opposition opposing the bill?

Congress and other parties who are against the bill is spreading the “lie” in the various parts and provoking against the government? Home Minister Amit Shah, Prime Minister Narender Modi Himself has clarified that this bill will not harm any North Eastern Indian Residents and any Muslim across Country. It is actually had ended the age old politics of all leftists and Congress.

Who actually is not in favor of this? And Propaganda of #BharatBachaoRally should flop!

Only approximately 10% of total population of India is protesting against the bill and rest 20% are partially in favor of this and rest are fully in favor of these two bills. #BharatBachaoRally is just a political propaganda of INC because The Citizenship Amendment Bill was in the manifesto of Congress from last 64 decades now they are opposing it but till now it has not been Introduced in parliament. There are numerous times in India when Congress prompted riots in India. So destroying National property by Congress favoring people is not a surprise.

It is important to ignore INC and others and support the two bills.


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