After taking charge, Narendra Modi addressed the employees of the Prime Minister’s Office

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took charge on Monday. Addressing the employees in the Prime Minister’s Office after taking charge, he said that 10 years ago, there was an image in our country that the PMO is a power center. It is a very big power center. He said that neither I was born for power, nor do I think of acquiring power. For me, it is neither my wish nor my path that the PMO should become a power center, a power center.

PM Modi further said, “Since 2014, we have made many changes in it. PMO should be a People’s PMO. In my heart and mind, there are not 140 crore citizens, these 140 crore are the form of God. Modi is not alone in the government, the thousands of minds connected with him are the result of which every human being also realizes his potential. Once the potential is realized, dedication is automatically included. This entire period of three months was about realization of that potential, dedication and the energy of new resolutions was associated with that dedication, the result of which is that today we are once again getting ready to serve the country.”

He said, “We are not those people whose office starts at this time and closes at this time. We are not bound by time. We do not have limits to our thinking. Those who are beyond this are my team and the country trusts that team. Many of you have been tolerating me for 10 years and many will start tolerating me now. Those who want to devote themselves wholeheartedly for five years, come, I am invited. Only one goal is nation first, only one intention is developed India by 2047, every moment of mine is for the country. I have promised the country that I will work 24*7 for 2047. I have expectations from that team. I have completed the work given to me on time, I have completed the work given to me without any mistake, it is a good thing, but there is no perfection, what value addition did I do in this? There should be value addition, quality update in everything, I have 10 years of experience, whatever has been decided, we are doing it.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “If the desire is unstable, it is a wave. If the desire is stable, it turns into resolve. When the utmost hard work is added to the resolve, then success is achieved and every task of life should be seen in this direction.” The PM said, “Now my responsibility is to think more than what I have thought in the last 10 years. To do more than what I have done in the last 10 years. Now whatever has to be done has to be done in the direction of crossing the global bench mark. We have to take our country to places where no one has reached. Be it the life of an individual, the life of a group or the life of a nation, until one does not think with great resolve, results are not achieved.”

He said, “When we work, three things are very essential – clarity of thoughts, faith in conviction, character to act. All this is possible with my team. The team has given me a lot in 10 years. Now what more new can we do with it, how can we do it on a bigger scale? This election is not a stamp of Modi’s speeches. This election is a stamp of the efforts of every government employee of yours in 10 years. A successful person is the one in whom the student within never dies. The secret of my energy, I keep the student within me alive throughout my life and the person who keeps the student within him alive is never incapable, never lazy.”


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