‘How many pages are there in the Constitution? You don’t read it and you keep waving it’, Anurag Thakur roared at the opposition in the Lok Sabha

New Delhi: There has been a heated debate between the ruling party and the opposition in the Lok Sabha. After Rahul Gandhi’s speech yesterday, the ruling party and the opposition are face to face and are fiercely attacking each other. Meanwhile, BJP leader Anurag Thakur cornered the opposition on the issue of the Constitution in the Lok Sabha.

Anurag Thakur targeted the opposition and said, ‘How many pages are there in the constitution? Don’t tell me how thick the constitution is, but tell me the pages. You carry it around everyday, open it and read it sometimes. You don’t read it, you just wave it around. Take it out of your pocket and see.’

Anurag Thakur took the opposition to task and said that at least copy and tell how many pages are there in the Constitution. They used to keep saying ‘Samvidhan-Samvidhan’ a lot. Earlier they used to insult the person who made the Constitution and now they show the Constitution but do not read it.

Anurag Thakur targeted Rahul Gandhi and said that it is a good thing that Rahul Gandhi has become the leader of the opposition. He was enjoying power without responsibility for the last 20 years, now he will have to take responsibility too. Thakur said that this is a test for Rahul Gandhi, will he be able to keep the opposition united? In the last session, his attendance was less than 50 percent, it is not that much even today.


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