20 meter collapse in Badrinath Highway Kameda, 1000 pilgrims stranded, Yamunotri Highway closed for third day

Uttarakhand: The Badrinath National Highway has been disrupted at many places following heavy rains last night. The highway has collapsed up to about 20 meters in Kameda of Gochar. There is a lot of debris on the highway here. Apart from this, the highway is obstructed due to debris and stones coming from the hill in Chhinka.

More than 1000 pilgrims are stranded at various places due to the closure of the highway. The local people are also facing huge difficulties in movement. On the other hand, Ozri Dabarkot on the Yamunotri Highway is closed for the last three days due to continuous boulders and debris.

The connectivity of many villages of Geeth Patti including Yamunotri Dham has been cut off. Due to the closure of the highway, about 300 passengers are stranded between Syanachatti and Jankichatti. The administration says that everyone has been stopped at safe places.

Heavy rains on Sunday night threw life out of gear in Chamoli district. The Rishikesh-Badrinath highway has been damaged by a landslide of over 200 meters near Kameda. There, the Lahe bridge built in 2011 has also been washed away. At the same time, the Karnaprayag-Gwaldam highway is closed due to debris in Simalsain, Banoliband, Harmony, Mallyapod.


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