Yogi government takes big action after SIT report on Hathras incident, 6 officers suspended

Hathras: 7 days after the Hathras incident, the UP government took the first action. 6 officers including SDM, CO have been suspended. The government took this action after the SIT report. The SIT had submitted a 900-page report to CM Yogi on Monday night.
The government issued a press release on 9 points from the SIT report, in which Bhole Baba’s name is not mentioned anywhere. The organizers and administrative officials were described as negligent. In this way, after the district administration, Bhole Baba has also got a clean chit from the government. His name was not even in the FIR.
The officers who were suspended include SDM Ravindra Kumar, CO Anand Kumar, Inspector Ashish Kumar, Tehsildar Sushil Kumar and Chowki Incharge Kachora Manveer Singh and Para Chowki Incharge Brijesh Pandey.

Supreme Court will now hear the Hathras case
Information is also coming out that this case will be heard in the Supreme Court. A demand was made for an early hearing on the PIL filed in the Supreme Court regarding the stampede. Which has been accepted by the court.

Negligence of the organizing committee and administration
The SIT has written in its report that the accident happened due to the negligence of the committee organizing the satsang. Apart from this, questions have also been raised on the administration. However, there is no mention of Bhole Baba in the report. According to the information, statements of 119 people have also been recorded in this SIT report.

The investigating team included ADG Agra Zone Anupam Kulshreshtha and Aligarh Commissioner Chaitra V. The SIT has said that a thorough investigation is also needed in the case, due to which some big revelations related to the incident can be expected.

During its investigation, the SIT also questioned many top officials of UP Police. Among them were Hathras DM Ashish Kumar and SP Nipun Agarwal.

The biggest revelation in the SIT’s disclosure was related to the number of people gathered in the satsang. The SIT has said that more than 2 lakh people had reached the satsang, while the authorities had sought permission for about 80,000 people. Statements of police officers present on duty on July 2, the day the stampede occurred, have also been included. The SIT report also includes statements of the victim families. Earlier, the team of the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Commission had recorded the statements of several eyewitnesses in the Hathras stampede case. The report said that the Sub-District Magistrate Sikandrarao had given permission for the event without inspecting the venue. If the administration had been alert, such an incident could have been prevented from happening. There is every possibility of action being taken against the organizers as they have the most hand in being negligent.


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