PM Modi held bilateral talks with Vladimir Putin; Know the topics discussed

Moscow: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Russia. PM Modi, who visited Russia after about 5 years, held a summit meeting with the Russian President in Moscow today. In this meeting, he once again advised to resort to dialogue to end the Ukraine war in a friendly manner. He bluntly told Putin that no solution comes from the battlefield. So instead of guns, resolve the issues through mutual dialogue.
During his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, PM Narendra Modi said, “…India is ready to cooperate in every way to restore peace… I assure you and the world community that India is in favor of peace. It is possible to do so.”

Explaining to his friend Putin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Whether it is war, conflict, terrorist attack – everyone who believes in humanity is saddened by the loss of life. But when innocent children are killed, when we see innocent children dying, it is heartbreaking. That pain is huge.”

PM Modi discussed terrorism in bilateral talks
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the meeting, “I have relations with Russia as well as with you for the last 2.5 decades. In about 10 years, we have met 17 times. In the last 25 years, we have had about 22 bilateral meetings. All this shows the depth of our relations.
Expressing India’s concern over terrorism, PM Modi said, ‘India has been facing terrorism in the last 40-50 years. Terrorism is so terrible and disgusting, we have been facing it for 40 years. We can feel the pain of the terrorist incidents in Moscow and Dagestan. I can imagine how deep its pain will be. I strongly condemn all forms of terrorism..’

‘India and Russia have deep relations’
PM Modi said, “For the last 2.5 decades, I have had relations with Russia as well as you. We have met 17 times in about 10 years. We have had about 22 bilateral meetings in the last 25 years. This shows the depth of our relations.”

India got support
PM Modi said in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow that when the world was facing the challenge of fuel, your support helped us meet the petrol and diesel needs of the common man. Not only this, the world should accept that the India-Russia agreement on fuel has played a big role in bringing stability in the international market.

America’s watchful eye on Modi’s Russia visit
All the western countries including America are keeping an eye on PM Modi’s Russia visit. Before the meeting of Putin and Modi, America expressed its reaction on this visit. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said on Monday night that America will encourage India to put pressure on Russia to find a peaceful solution to the Ukraine war and this solution should be under the United Nations Charter. Describing America’s friendship with India, Miller said that the US and India are strategic partners and both the countries openly discuss all the issues.


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