Sidhu Moosewala murder case

Delhi Police has made many big revelations in the legendary singer Sidhu Moosewala’s murder mystery. Delhi Police Special CP HGS Dhariwal said that five people who killed Sidhu have been identified. He told that the murder was thoroughly planned. Delhi Police has further revealed that the mastermind of this entire attack is Lawrence Bishnoi.

Who were the murderers of Sidhu Moosewala?

Delhi Police has said that there are police teams in many states and the accused are being searched. Sidhu is killed by Mahakaal’s close shooter. Sidhesh Hiramal better known as Mahakaal has been arrested by Delhi Police. Other than Sidhesh, five more shooters have been identified. According to Delhi Police, Maharashtra Police has been given 14-day police custody of Mahakaal. He is a close associate of a shooter, but he is not involved in the murder.

Delhi Police arrested the close of the shooters:

Delhi Police Special CP said that out of all the accused whose names have come up in the Moosewala murder case, one of them is said to be very close to the Singer as well. According to Delhi Police, they used to shoot together earlier. So both of them already knew each other. For now, Delhi Police is assuming that the arrest of Mahakaal alias Sidhesh Hiramal can open up many links in this case. The investigation of this case is being carried forward on the basis of the revelations that Lawrence Bishnoi is also making during the interrogation.


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