New Delhi, 01 April 2024: The issue of electoral bonds is quite hot before the Lok Sabha elections. The Supreme Court has reprimanded the State Bank of India several times in this matter and has asked the Election Commission to share all the information related to it. On this issue, PM Modi answered the questions asked during an interview for a YouTube channel. PM Modi said- Tell me what have I done that has set me back, I firmly believe that those who are dancing on this are going to regret it for sure.

PM Modi said, in all the elections that were held before 2014, political parties must have incurred expenditure in that election, so some agency should tell where the money came from to the parties, where the money was spent? Modi made electoral bonds, so everyone is able to know where the money was taken, where it was given, who took it and to whom it was given. Otherwise how would we have known what happened. Today you are getting the trail. The PM said that no system is perfect, there can be flaws in it and the flaws can be rectified, if there was a bond then it would be known where the money went.

PM spoke about ED
When PM was asked a question about ED, he replied that what you are saying, was ED formed after our government came to power? We have made the law of PMLA. ED is independent, neither do we stop it nor do we send it. It has to work independently. We have nothing to do with all this matter. ED has 7000 cases and less than 3 percent of them are related to politics. They recovered cash of 35 lakhs, 2200 crores rupees, the agency’s operations do not leak, heaps of notes are being caught.

PM said that somewhere money is being caught in washing machines and somewhere money is being caught in pipes. Rs 300 crores were caught with a Congress MP, bundles of notes are being found at the houses of ministers in Bengal. ED does not take action until some other agency registers a case. PM Modi said for Congress that I do not consider myself Teesmar Khan who keeps giving advice to others. There are senior people within Congress too and if Congress starts listening to those senior people then maybe it will be good for them and it will be good for Congress too.


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