The country’s capital, New Delhi, has extended the ongoing lockdown by another week, till May 31 It was announced by Arvind Kejriwal himself. He said that the process of unlocking IN Delhi will be started gradually with some activities from the 31st, if the cases keep decreasing.

He said that the war is yet to come and more than a thousand cases are coming every day. In the last 24 hours, I asked many people what to do. There is a general consensus that the lockdown be extended for 1 week.
Our top priority is to see how we can vaccinate people as quickly as possible. However, there is a shortage across the country.

“Every Sunday, we sit down and decide whether the lockdown should be extended or not. The April-May wave was very dangerous and Delhi was the first one to impose a lockdown. We have been asking people about this and most of them feel that the lockdown should be extended for another week so that we do not lose the gains,” Kejriwal said.


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