Violence in India

Public needs peace not power!

The needs of common man begin from getting enough food for his or her family. For this he or she acquires knowledge and builds various skills as per his or her interest. These skills gave him a job through which he buys enough food. A common man from any community initially never wants to indulge himself in the activities that out burst violence. When we asked public who is actually driving hatred then the result was amazing.

Team HumariBaat met sample of 1000 people from every community to know what are factors that cause violence friction in society and public.

1. Political Interest – Every fifth person from all the communities claim that it is always political driven. The political leaders or motivators are the primary ones that diverge one community with another to gain votes or followers. Religion is always a basic ideology that helps a person to set values for his life. But when the political leaders makes a propaganda, it results into the war of ideology. Every religion has one primary goal i.e. to reach or revere God. This political driven propaganda brings the fight that whose path is better to reach God? It really seems stupid. It propagates the fact that we love our paths more than our faith.

2. Media –An information propagator in reality, public takes it in very different way. Have a look on trends from last seven years what media. They are a rapist religious leader, a youth who is spreading riots, a TV show that shows family disputes, a controversy that is stopping a movie to get release. Media is promoting that is spreading havoc and negativity. Media answers we show only that people are willing to see. There have been great heroes who are from small town whose work is tremendous but media is not promoting them.

3. Inefficient Police –Why our protectors are on the list? Our civil defense is not as effective as required. They still lack to control situations at the time of riots and conflicts. We should respect our police, they also are putting day night effort to decrease crime and such incidents. But Corruption at many places is taking away people’trust from them. Many individuals said they feel nervous while complaining about any incident to them.

4. Educational benefits –Every individual becomes educated to achieve best job but we forgot that foremost objective of education is to become responsible individual, No parents now a days is giving enough moral education to there kids as such they are lacking feeling of acceptance, which will automatically discourage hatred feeling.

Religion or caste or or tribe are in system just for sake of one’s identity and one’s own interest, but it has nothing to do with God or generation. God needs love, generation needs moral values of to love someone.

Stay United! Stay Well!

Allah is God, God is Ishwar, Ishwar is Nirvana, Nirvana is Shakti, Shakti is Allah


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