New Delhi: Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of the country. His name has been confirmed as PM in the NDA meeting. Today at 7.30 pm, PM Modi will meet the President and stake claim to form the NDA government. Before staking claim, the President dissolved the 17th Lok Sabha. Maharashtra CM and Shiv Sena chief Eknath Shinde gave his letter of support to PM Modi. A meeting of NDA leaders was held at PM Modi’s residence this evening, due to which many kinds of speculations were being made before the arrival of allies.

First of all, speculations were rife about Bihar CM Nitish Kumar because he came by flight with Tejashwi while coming from Patna to Delhi. Pictures and videos of their meeting also started going viral. It seemed that Nitish Kumar was in contact with the people of the India Alliance; he may change sides and go there. But Nitish Kumar came out smiling from the NDA meeting and reached his residence in Delhi.

The second speculation was going on about TDP supremo Chandra Babu Naidu.It was being said about him that Naidu was an ally of the India Alliance, and after that, he joined the NDA and fought the election together. The TDP has won a total of 16 seats in this election, and along with Nitish, he was also seen as a kingmaker. There were also speculations about the 17 independents who won in the election calculations. But all these speculations came to an end, and NDA allies put the final seal on it by removing the clouds of doubts and saying, Once again, Modi’s government.


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