Uttarakhand, 02 Jan 2024
The widespread impact of the central government’s protest against the hit-and-run law is being seen. Today, on the second day of the strike, along with the problem of transport, people are also facing the problem of petrol. A huge crowd has gathered at petrol pumps to fill oil.

In Mussoorie, when one petrol pump ran out of petrol, a crowd gathered at another petrol pump. The situation is such that there is a long queue till the road to fill petrol. All the drivers of IOC, HP and Bharat Gas located at Thithola in Roorkee remained on strike by blocking the wheel. Due to the drivers of all three depots being on strike, the danger of deepening the oil and gas crisis in the Garhwal division is looming.

More than 150 vehicles of Indian Oil Corporation located in Thithola supply petrol, diesel and kerosene in the Garhwal division. Similarly, Hindustan Petroleum also supplies about 100 vehicles of diesel, petrol and kerosene in the state.

There is a Bharat Gas depot in Thithola. Here also around 100 vehicles supply LPG in the state.
The drivers of all three depots have gone on strike by blocking the road in protest against the hit-and-run law. Drivers say that until the central government announces the repeal of this new law, they will not return to work.
Due to the drivers going on strike, the supply of oil and gas from all three depots has completely stopped.


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