Uttarakhand, 2 Jan 2024: Drivers have taken to the streets in protest against the new law being made by the Central Government regarding hit and run. Garhwal Vikram Tempo Welfare Association unanimously decided not to operate autos and Vikram on January 2 and 3. People are facing huge problems due to the strike.

On Monday, the auto and Vikram drivers did not operate the vehicles themselves and did not allow others to do so. The situation was such that due to the strike of e-rickshaw and auto drivers in Dharmanagari, the devotees who came to take bath in the Ganga and have darshan of God on the first day of the year faced problems.

People were seen traveling on foot carrying luggage everywhere. When a few drivers tried to drive, they were stopped by other drivers of the union. The drama continued on the road the whole day. During the protest, drivers demanded withdrawal of the law.

President of Haridwar Transport Welfare Association Lajje Ram Atri said that the way the drivers demonstrated on Monday and blocked the road. It is clearly evident that anger is growing among the drivers regarding the hit and run law. He said that the drivers raised slogans against the government without informing the organization, this is their pain. Rather, the person whose license was issued by the Transport Department. This has become a pain for all of them. Vehicle drivers are employed in every government department. All the license holders along with the common man are falling prey to this hit and run law.


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