PM Modi got angry at Congress, listed many achievements of the government,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday responded to the motion of thanks on the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha. During his address, PM Modi listed many achievements of his government. Along with this, he also targeted the opposition fiercely. PM Modi also reminded Congress of history in the matter of the Constitution.

Highlights of PM Modi’s address in the Rajya Sabha

  1. PM Modi told the opposition that sloganeering, uproar and running away from the field is what is written in their fate. The public has defeated them in every way that now they have nothing left except screaming in the streets.
  2. PM Modi said that I saw some pictures from Bengal on social media. A woman is being beaten up openly on the road there, that sister is screaming. People standing there are not coming to help her, they are making videos. PM also raised questions on the silence of Sandeshkhali and the opposition at this time.
  3. PM Modi said that after 10 years, a government has returned to power continuously and I know that this has happened after 6 decades in Indian democracy. This incident is an unusual one.
  4. PM Modi asked that the people of Congress are also immersed in happiness, but I am unable to understand what is the reason for this happiness? Is this happiness on the hat-trick of defeat? Is this happiness due to falling prey to nervous 90? Is this happiness due to another failed launch?
  5. Referring to the Constitution, PM Modi told the opposition that when the Constitution was bulldozed, crores of people were tortured and their lives were made difficult. It does not suit them to talk about the Constitution, these are people who have committed a sin.
  6. PM Modi said that AAP does liquor scam, AAP does corruption, AAP does scam in making classrooms for children, AAP does scam even in water… Congress complains against AAP, Congress drags AAP to the court and if action is taken, they abuse Modi.
  7. PM Modi said that which constitution gives an MP the right to tear apart the cabinet’s decision. There is a system of written protocol in our country. Someone tell me, which constitution was this, which gives priority to people sitting on constitutional posts later and to a family first.
  8. PM Modi said that action against corruption is a mission for us. This is not a matter of victory or defeat in elections for us. When we formed the government in 2014, we had said that our government will work for the welfare of the poor. Our government will attack corruption, will attack black money.
  9. PM Modi said that if the Congress had to do as much work as we have done in the last five years, it would have taken 20 years. Continuous efforts have been made for 10 years for permanent peace in the Northeast. Efforts have been made without stopping, without getting tired. There has been less discussion about it in the country, but the results have been widespread.
  10. PM Modi said that we wanted that there should not be politics on sensitive issues like paper leak, but the opposition is used to it. I assure the youth of India that action is being taken to ensure that those who play with the future of the youth get strict punishment.
  11. PM Modi said that the government is constantly trying to normalize the situation in Manipur. More than 11 thousand FIRs have been filed for the incidents that happened there, more than 500 people have been arrested. I want to warn all those elements who are trying to add fuel to the fire in Manipur to stop such activities.

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