Out of many taboo topics in India that narrow-minded people shirk to talk about is “Homosexuality“. Hiding from the reality is not solution nor is avoiding it. But facing the fact and knowing more about a rare taboo, makes you feel the fact as ultimate truth. Remember the time when an Indian male chauvinist society can not even think that a woman can go out can demand salary equal or even more than a male. Now, with few ifs and buts, everyone excepts the change in the society. Now it is time for Indian society to accept homosexuality that is the need of hour.

In the 1990s, Parents do not wish their kid to do love marriage or they were very much against “inter-caste marriage“, now the situation is more critical because their kids are in love with the same gender. Parents feel it is unnatural and also very much weird. They can not accept a guy can love another guy the way he can love a girl. But Team HumariBaat has found more than 100 of the gay couples who are together from last 40 to 50 years. While talking to them they said they are very much comfortable. Few of them who were married to a woman said they had to undergo the pressure of family for marriage, this results in complete destruction of their personal life.

If we talk about religious norms, Islam is completely against it. Hinduism is having a mixed review on this. Only people who follow Manusmiriti finds homosexuality as an unmannered practice. On the other hand, Vaishnavs, Shaviats, and Shaktas wholeheartedly accept homosexuality. While classic Christianity dishonor homosexuality but nowadays they are accepting it. Vintage India especially Khajuraho temple, does portray this in art.

Most of the narrow-minded people think this as unnatural because the ultimate goal of sex is giving birth hence this act is a result of lust only. But a homosexual feels that they feel the same unparalleled love with a person of the same gender. As per few gay scholars like Dev Dutt, even our scriptures glorify “gayism”. Add to that, the word “prajanan” or reproduction is different from sehvaas or “living together”, so both terms are not the synonym. If we talk about love, love is unconditional as such it can happen between anyone and in any form irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion, and gender. Love is unarguably the most beautiful and purest aspect of life as per all religions. So a guy who is loving another guy or girl loving another girl is as pure as heterosexual love.


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