In Parliament, PM Modi discussed the government’s achievements in the technology sector

PM Modi today, on 2 July 2024, while answering the opposition’s questions on the motion of thanks after the President’s address in the Lok Sabha, enumerated the achievements of his government. During this, PM Modi has also mentioned the technology sector, which includes the fastest 5G rollout to mobile manufacturing and semiconductor industry. PM Modi has also mentioned the contribution of the tech sector in the foundation of a new and developed India in the Lok Sabha.

PM Modi, while mentioning the achievements of the government in his vote of thanks, said that India can do anything. We have overtaken many countries of the world in terms of rolling out 5G. Let us tell you that 5G service was launched for the first time in India in October 2022. In just one and a half years, 5G service has reached every telecom sector of India. Airtel and Jio have extended their 5G service to almost all the districts of the country. Vi is also going to launch its 5G service in the coming few months.

Apart from 5G, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mentioned mobile manufacturing and export, semiconductors and chips during the motion of thanks. PM Modi said that India is competing with the world’s big countries in mobile manufacturing and export. At the same time, it has also taken steps towards making semiconductors. Chips made in India will be used in many works.

The Government of India has launched ISM i.e. India Semiconductor Mission to develop the ecosystem of semiconductors. Under this mission, emphasis will be laid on assembly, testing, marking and packaging (ATMP) of semiconductors in India. India is currently the second largest market in the world for mobile users. Many leading brands are assembling their mobiles in India and exporting them out of India. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Nothing, Xiaomi are manufacturing their devices in India itself.


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