Childish intellect, record of failure… PM Modi targets Rahul without naming him, know the main points of PM Modi’s speech

PM Modi responded to the motion of thanks on the President’s address in the Lok Sabha. During this, the opposition created a ruckus and raised slogans in the Lok Sabha but PM Modi did not stop his speech. During this, Speaker Om Birla reprimanded the opposition several times but the opposition continued to create a ruckus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi answered all the questions of the opposition in Parliament. During this, the PM also targeted the opposition leader. He also responded to the opposition’s NEET and paper leak incidents. He said in front of the House that the central government is serious about the paper leak incidents. We will not spare the accused under any circumstances. We have already made a law on this. At the same time, arrests are being made continuously in the NEET case.

PM Modi took a dig at Rahul Gandhi without naming him and said that the Congress is trying to prove that they have defeated us. Let me just tell you a statement from my normal life. A small child has gone out with a bicycle. That child falls. Rolls off the bicycle. Starts crying. An older person comes to him and says that the ant is dead, the bird has flown away. You ride a bicycle very well. You can distract that child by diverting his attention. Similarly, the work of entertaining children is going on. Congress and its eco-system are only doing the work of entertaining. Respected Chairman, remember the 1984 by-election, after that 10 Lok Sabha elections have been held in this country. Despite this, Congress has not been able to touch the figure of 250.

Without taking the name of Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said that you have not scored 99 out of 100, you have scored 99 out of 543 and a child is roaming around in pride after scoring 99 out of 543. He further said that child intelligence has created a world record of failing.

Highlights of PM Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha

  1. 50 people died in a stampede at a satsang venue in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. PM Modi expressed grief over this incident in his speech in Lok Sabha. He also announced to provide all possible help to the victims.
  2. Without naming Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said that look at the child’s intelligence, they used to make small toys of Rafale and fly them. They used to make fun of the armed forces. Congress opposes every such reform that strengthens the army. Now Congress has come to know that the energy of the youth is the biggest strength of the army. Also, PM Modi said that outright lies are being spread about recruitment in the army, so that the youth of my country do not join the army.
  3. PM Modi said that today Congress is spreading lies on Agniveer. They are conspiring to weaken the efforts of defense reform. In fact, the people of Congress can never see the Indian Army becoming powerful.
  4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his displeasure today on the statement made by Congress MP and Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi about Hindus in the House yesterday. PM Modi said that Hindus are tolerant. They always live with their love.
  5. Targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said that we will not be able to protect parliamentary democracy without taking seriously what happened in the House yesterday. Now these acts should not be ignored by calling them childish. The intentions behind this are not good but are of serious danger.
  6. PM Modi said that Congress has made lies a weapon of politics. They are addicted to lying. Yesterday, on 1st July, the country celebrated ‘Khatkhat Diwas’. On 1st July, people were checking Rs 8,500 in their bank accounts.
  7. Without taking Rahul Gandhi’s name, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this new drama has been started to gain sympathy. But the country knows the truth that he is out on bail in a case of fraud of thousands of crores of rupees. He has been convicted for calling OBC people thieves. He had to apologize after making irresponsible statements in the country’s Supreme Court.
  8. PM Modi said that BJP has opened its account in Kerala this time. Our MPs from Kerala sit with us with great pride. BJP has registered a strong presence in many seats in Tamil Nadu. BJP’s vote percentage has increased in Karnataka, UP and Rajasthan compared to last time.
  9. PM Modi said that we will take every sector to new heights of success. We have made India the 5th largest economy of the world within just 10 years. Now with the speed at which we are moving ahead, our country will soon shine as the third largest economy of the world.
  10. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that before 2014, there was a time when terrorists were free to attack anywhere in the country. Losing lives of innocent people was a common thing. When every corner of India was targeted. Governments did nothing but keep quiet. PM Modi further said that after 2014, this new India enters homes and attacks.
  11. Speaking on the motion of thanks in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said that today every citizen of the country knows that India can do anything for its security. People who worship Article 370 and those who made vote bank politics a weapon had created such a situation in Jammu and Kashmir that the Constitution of India could not enter the borders of Jammu and Kashmir. In the era of 370, stones were pelted on the army and people used to say in despair that now nothing can happen in Jammu and Kashmir.
  12. PM Modi said that I want to assure my countrymen that we will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the resolve of building a developed India. We will try our best to give the best. We will use every moment of our time and every particle of our body for the countrymen and to fulfill the dream of a developed India. We have promised to work 24×7 till 2047.
  13. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in this election, we went to the public with a big resolution to seek blessings. We had asked for blessings for our resolution of a developed India.
  14. Speaking in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said that it is a matter of pride for us that in the world’s largest election campaign, the people of our country have given us a chance to serve the country for the third time. This in itself is a very important event for the democratic world. The people of the country have given us this mandate after testing us on every criterion.
  15. PM Modi said that when we won for the first time in 2014, even in the election campaign, we had said that we will have zero tolerance towards corruption. Due to this policy of ours towards corruption, the country has blessed us.
  16. PM Modi said that we have won for the third time. The people of the country have seen the record of our government for 10 years. Those who lied and spread them have lost in the Lok Sabha elections.
  17. Speaking in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said that the new MPs in the House have increased its dignity. The country has passed a successful election. The public celebrated this election like a festival.

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