On Wednesday to review the ground reality of activities done by Army in fight against corona epidemic to assist citizens, Manoj Mukund Narwane the Army Chief General visited the military hospital located in Jammu. The doctors and other medical personnel were appreciated by him once he checked the stock of the services being provided to everyone. Jammu and Kashmir was observed by The Chief of Army staff for two days visiting. On the final day of tour, Wednesday he arrived at the headquarters of the white knight corps. While Lieutenant general Surendra Kumar, general commanding officer, and 4 along with the chief staff, explained lieutenant general YK Joshi commander of northern army, is about to prepare of army that in ongoing fight against the corona epidemic to assist common citizen. He also awared everyone of how army is doing work on it and how they are helping.
They also visited many other places like Akhnoor, Nowshera and Rajori with the commander. He interacted with all and commanded the army personnel for maintaining the control and being helping hand for civil administration and local people. He called soldiers and officers to work together in this epidemic fight.


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