There are almost 547 million individuals who are living in middle class families or in upper middle class family. These individuals are mostly working class. They do jobs in various sectors to fulfill their needs. This is 41% of entire population. In our analysis no govt till date has given full services to this class.

The problems that middle class families are facing, have not been handled carefully by any government till date. Arun Jately the finance minister too has failed to impress middle class individuals.

Contributions of Middle Class people in National growth!

  • Contribution to GDP is highest. In service sector and industry sector, working class is on high leap.
  • Highest percentage of tax payers
  • They are least involved in crimes, riots.
  • Connects lower class with upper class

Problems that government should consider to make them happy!

middle class problems

  1. These families are highly affected by corruption
  2. Taxation is something that is their biggest problem. GST has not benefited them too.
  3. Rich and poor and many times exempted from social pressure but middle class never is. They teach their children to work harder to secure future and endlessly keep pressuring children.
  4. Inflation makes their life hell, Lower class gets complete government benefits that they get every thing right from education to health. While middle class has to dealt with everything by own.
  5. They are the machinery that runs a nation yet their social status has been the same for centuries.
  6. They don’t have a choice to sit around idle or think about vagaries of life, they have to put in 14/15 hrs of work everyday so that they can give their family a good life
  7. At the time of note ban, middle class were the ones that suffered the most….

In short, They are neither rich nor poor, they don’t have access to the subsidies that poor get and on the hand they don’t have loads of money through which they could solve 90% of their daily problems. They are the class that pays the most tax yet are the ones that receive the least amount of benefits.


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