Militants attack Manipur Chief Minister’s security men

Manipur: Militants attacked Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s advance security convoy. One soldier was hurt in the incident on Monday, June 10. The terrorists were waiting in an ambush in Kangpokpi district and assaulted the Chief Minister’s security vehicle as it was heading towards the violent Jiribam district. According to the police, numerous rounds were fired at security personnel’s vehicles, prompting them to retaliate.

According to the police, the shooting is still ongoing near Kotlen village on National Highway 53. Police reported that at least one soldier was hurt by a gunshot during the incident. According to an official, Chief Minister Biren Singh has failed to arrive in Imphal from Delhi. He planned to visit Jiribam to assess the situation in the district. “SSuspected extremists set fire to two police stations, a forest department office, and at least 70 homes in Jiribam on Saturday.

Manipur, which was engulfed in an inferno of constant conflict last year, has once again fallen under its control. The key issue is that violence has now begun in the Jiribam area, which was previously undisturbed by it. In the intervening days of Friday and Saturday, the militants arrived in 3–4 boats and set fire to numerous buildings and police posts. Following this, the police were attacked again.

In Manipur’s Jiribam district, militants allegedly killed a person. As a result, the state has experienced renewed violence. More than 200 members of the Meitei village have been relocated to new relief camps. Suspected militants set fire to many residences in Jiribam district’s outlying villages, including Lamtai Khunou, Dibong Khunou, Nunkhal, and Begra. The residents of these communities were housed in a relief camp created within the Jiri Sports Complex.


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