The National Highways Authority of India on Wednesday has issued new guidelines to reduce the waiting time of vehicles at toll points across the country. According to this, if the line of the vehicles at toll points is more than 100 meters, then toll will not be charged from them. In addition, each vehicle must be served in 10 seconds .The toll collection process from the drivers must be completed within a maximum of 10 seconds.

NHAI said, “Most of the tolls do not have to wait due to FASTag, but for some reason if the queue is more than 100 meters, all vehicles will be allowed to be given without toll.” The NHAI said that these steps have been taken to create a sense of accountability among the toll operators.
This will continue until the queue of vehicles is back within 100 meters. ‘To implement this, a yellow line will be drawn at 100 meters in the toll line.


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