The government is preparing to take some important decisions and steps to take care of the elders/senior citizens. The Modi government has made some decisions to amend new definition of caretaking of seniors under the Maintenance and Welfare Senior Citizens Act 2007.

These amendments to this act has also been approved by the Cabinet on last Wednesday. Parents and in-laws are also included in the new amendment, whether they are senior citizens or not. It is expected that this bill can be introduced in the House next week. Sources also revealed that the limit of giving 10,000 rupees maintenance in this act can also be removed.

Non-caring sons and daughter in laws can be sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.

The amount fixed for maintenence will be based on the living conditions of the seniors, parents, children and relatives. Giving information about the passing of the proposal, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the purpose of bringing the bill is to ensure respect of the seniors.


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