21 March 2024
Now no new voter will be registered till the election results. Whoever applies now for making a voter card will get their votes only after the code of conduct is over.

Only those who have applied for making a vote or removing their name from the voter list 10 days before the last date of nomination and it has come into the software of the election office, will be able to vote in the Lok Sabha elections.

The opportunity to become a voter is given till 10 days before the last date of nomination. Since the last date for nomination is 27th in the state, this opportunity was available only till 17th March. According to the information received from the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, now whoever applies to become a new voter, their process will not be able to proceed in the software.

Their vote will be cast only after the code of conduct ends on June 7. Yes, those whose applications have been processed before the age of 17 will be eligible to vote and will also be able to vote in this Lok Sabha election.

Form 12-D for voters with disabilities and above 85 years of age

Form 12-D is being provided to 79,965 disabled voters and 65,177 voters above 85 years of age in the state by their BLOs at their homes. You can also contact your BLO. This form has to be filled and given to the BLO only. After this, the Election Commission team will provide the facility of voting at your home. The number of voters who voted from home will become clear on April 5.


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