kids passing riven during monsoon

Panchkula, Haryana. The villagers are facing a lot of trouble due to non-availability of a bridge over the rainy river in about half a dozen villages at Mourni region of the district. Not only this, school children have to go to school risking their lives. When rivers are in spate due to heavy rains, children have to cross the river with their lives on their palms. Due to this, the concern of the parents also increases a lot. During the holidays, parents have to stand on the banks of the river and wait for their children. Parents are seen watching the path of the children on the banks of the river to get the young children to cross the river.

Accident can happen while crossing the river in rainy season. Villager Yashwant Sharma told that due to lack of bridge over Babar Wali river, school children of Babad Wali, Bagh Wali, Mathana and Dudladi villages have to go to school at risk.He told that when the river is in spate, he has to wait for his children by standing on the river bank to cross the river. He said that while crossing the river in the rainy season, any untoward incident can happen. But the administration is not ready to pay any attention to the concern of the villagers.

News by Deepanshi Chugh


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