Priyanka Gandhi Vadra (Congress General Secretary) criticises the BJP government and said that Centre is more bothered about power rather than public health. During this pandemic (COVID -19) people are worried and shouting for shortages of oxygen, medicines and beds in hospital whereas the centre is inconsiderate towards these problems and the leaders observed laughing in election rallies.

Priyanka Gandhi utter that why during January and February 6 crore vaccines were exported. Why indians were not given priority . Priyanka Gandhi accused the government of not having a good strategy for lack of vaccine. She questioned the government who are in power related to shortage of oxygen and problems arising due to that. Moreover she lashed out at the government and said only 2000 trucks can transport oxygen and the places is not able to avail the oxygen facility . This government is in talks with ISI in Dubai. In this case, resentment is natural.


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