New Delhi, 16 April 2024: PM Modi has given an interview before the Lok Sabha elections. In this interview, he talked about the opposition’s questions and his vision for the country. He told what plans he has for the third term. PM Modi said in the interview that we are working for 2047. Compare the 50 years of Congress and my 10 years of work. Election is a great festival for us. PM said that we are trying to strengthen the country. My decisions are not to scare anyone. No one needs to be afraid. A lot remains to be done for the country.

PM spoke on questions regarding EVM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked questions regarding EVMs and agencies being raised by the opposition. On this the PM said, ‘Actually, they are trying to find the reason for their defeat. So that the blame for the defeat is not placed directly on them.

PM praised ED
Praising the work of ED, the PM said that most of the cases registered by ED are against people who have nothing to do with politics. He said that an honest man has no fear. But those who are involved in corruption have the fear of sin.
The PM said that no one tells me how many opposition leaders are in jail. When I was CM, they had put my Home Minister in jail. The country should understand that leaders of political parties are involved in only 3 percent of ED cases. 97 percent of the cases are against people who have no connection with politics.

PM speaks on one nation, one election
On ‘One Nation, One Election’, the PM said that one nation, one election is our commitment. Many people have given their suggestions to the committee. Many positive and innovative suggestions have come. If we are able to implement this report then the country will benefit a lot.

PM speaks on DMK’s anti-Sanatan remarks
The PM gave a statement on DMK’s recent ‘anti-Sanatan’ remarks and the public’s anger over it. He said that Congress should be asked what is their compulsion to sit with the people who spew so much venom against Sanatan? What is this distortion in the mentality of Congress?

PM spoke on Congress manifesto
PM Modi targeted the manifesto of Congress party. He said that this fails the aspirations of the young voters of the country. He said his vision for a developed India in 2047 resonates with today’s first-time voters, who will be the biggest beneficiaries of this scale of development.
PM Modi criticized the Congress manifesto, saying that it has completely failed the economy. In a way, the opposition’s manifesto dashes the aspirations of the country’s first-time voters. If we do a complete analysis, those who are below 25 years of age suffer the most. This manifesto will ruin their future. I want to make their lives better. PM Modi said, I want to strengthen innovation in the country.

Life may go but words should not go: PM
The PM said that I think the political leadership is becoming suspicious. In such a situation, we should remember that we have the tradition of ‘life goes but words do not go’. I believe that what politicians should do is they should take ownership, they should take responsibility. What I say is my responsibility and I have also guaranteed it and I take the issue of Article 370, this has been the commitment of our party. I showed courage and removed 370. And today the fate of Jammu and Kashmir has changed.

PM speaks on black money and electoral bonds
The PM has accused opposition parties of spreading lies on the electoral bond scheme, which has been rejected by the Supreme Court, and said everyone will do the same. Regrets arise when there is honest reflection. He said the objective of the electoral bond scheme was to curb black money in elections. He said that the opposition wants to run away by making allegations.


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