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From 2014 to 2019, Indian Politics has influeced political interest of all Indian citizens We have witnessed too much political dramas during this period. Be it State Elections or GST or demonetization, every citizen of India has their own perceptions. This perception either has resulted in increase or decrease in the admiration, the reputation of each and every politician in India. Team Humari Baat has surveyed around millions of Indian Citizens through social media and live surveys etc. and found out following five most admired politicians of India in 2019.

5. Nitish Kumar – Chief Minister of Bihar – fifth most admired politician of India in 2019

Nitish Kumar - Chief Minister of Bihar - Fifth best politician of India in 2017

Trends – Breaking “Mahagathbandhan” with RJD – Making Alliance with BJP
The most popular leader of the Bihar, Nitish Kumar has hit the list because of his clean image and to make his image clean forever he parted his way from Lalu Prasad Yadav when he found the allegations of corruption charges against Tejashwi Yadav, the deputy Chief Minister, Nitish asked Yadav to resign from the cabinet which was refused by RJD. In order to protect his clean image and zero tolerance towards corruption, Nitish Kumar resigned on July 26, 2017, ending the so-called ‘Grand Alliance’. Thereafter he made the alliance with BJP government and formed very new Bihar Government by coming back in NDA.

4. Akhilesh Yadav – Former Chief Minister of UP – Fourth best politician of India in 2017

Akhilesh Yadav - Former Chief Minister of UP - Fourth best politician of India in 2017

Trends – SP Internal Dispute – Leading UP Elections – Making an alliance with Bahujan Samajwadi Party’s Mayawati
Just after the Lok Sabha Elections, Political Party “Smajwadi” faces internal quarrels which results in the serious dispute between Akhilesh and other members of Samajwadi party. He became the hero of this political game. He became a winner because he was making his image like the one who was makig his vision for the development of UP. So Mulayam Singh suspended Akhilesh and Ram Gopal Yadav from the party for six years. But fanfare of Akhilesh in UP and support from candidates let Mulayam to take back his decision. Akhilesh grabbed this pathway and presented all his conditions for re-joining the party. Akhilesh rejoined SP but with more power over the party now. Another important event that made Akhilesh Yadav in trend was 2017 UP elections, To counter BJP’s fully blown power, Rahul Gandhi – Akhilesh Yadav made a congress – SP alliance. It was another eye-opener. It is the different story that the alliance lost the elections by a big margin. Contradicting to this, UP people still adore Akhilesh Yadav. Now Akhilesh has joined hands with Mayawati to counter NDA’s Victory in Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

3. Yogi Adityanath – CM of Uttar Pradesh – 3rd best politician of India in 2019

Yogi Adityanath - CM of Uttar Pradesh - 2nd best politician of India in 2017

Trends – Victory in UP Elections – Workstyle trended after becoming Chief Minister of UP
A Science student from Uttarakhand who traveled to Gorakhpur in a search to get enlightenment soon got attracted to take an active part in politics. He became a member of parliament for consecutive five terms. Now after getting a confined victory, BJP had chosen him for UP CM post. Then, there was no look back. He was already a “Hindutva Firebrand”. Seeing his working style, even media houses remain stunned as he was a spontaneous and quick decision maker. For almost two months, He even surpassed Narendra Modi in Google searches and social media trends. Seeing his present Impact on Pan India, also if his working style remained same and will be able to maintain his corruption-free image then It will not be a surprise to see him contesting elections as a candidate for the Prime minister of India after Namo tenure for long terms.

2. Rahul Gandhi – The President of Indian National Congress – 2nd Most Admired Politician of India in 2019

Rahul Gandhi - President of Indian National Congress - Third Best Politician of India in 2017 

Trends – Leading UP Elections – Strong Public Statements against Narendra Modi – Leading Gujrat, Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh Elections
Till now people may call him with whatever name, but he is for sure now the biggest threat to BJP. His raising followers may increase hurdles to BJP’s undisputed success. People favoring BJP has viewed Rahul Gandhi mere as a childish Politician but in 2017 he is reviving his image. He is everywhere and like a true leader and by taking all footfalls on his side he is on horde to make his image as a liberal politician. Wheather it’s a UP elections or Gujrat or Himachal Elections. He was leading them. In Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh he slapped all the ones who were making of them. He has improved his skills in delivering speeches and making fully pointed statements even against BJP. It is an advice from Team HumariBaat for BJP to take Rahul Gandhi seriously now, He may give a tough nut shot to BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. In this survey, almost 33% of people are looking forward to see “Rahul Gandhi” as a future Prime Minister.

1. Narendra Modi – The Prime Minister – The best politician of India in 2019

Narendra Modi - The Prime Minister - The best politician of India in 2017

Trends – Demonetization – GST – Doklam’s Domination – Trump Alliance – Strong take against corruption and defense security
Post-Independence, India has not witnessed any prime minister who is as dynamic as the Narendra Modi. He is the one who never cares about his image while implementing any amendments or any change that may create disturbance in comfort zone. He has an art to reconcile any mass in his favor. Be it demonetization or implementation of GST, he never took a chance stepping back. No matter how much criticism he has been facing from opposition or media, his wave still remains. It was his image only that BJP won the UP elections by a huge margin. In international affairs too, Modi was determined as such China had to step back on Doklam. His alliance with the US became a highlight of his success in International affairs. Modi’s take after Pulwama attack thunders Pakistan by making International pressure. Modi is now standing strong as an intelligent Elephant and fighting hard as invincible Lion.

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