Recently there is One real life hero who has indulged himself in humanitarian work. Humanity NGO’s Punjab President Ishu Kalra (started in 2019), Is Doing a Wonderful job by Serving The nation at his best.

News by Engame, Edited by Snehil Sharma, Punjab. Ishu Kalra started Humanity NGO in 2019. In just 3 years, Humanity NGO has been liked by all Punjabi Industry And Bollywood Industry. Big stars are coming forward in the support of Humanity NGO And Ishu Kalra at the toughest times of covid. Humanity NGO Started an Awareness Campaign in People, Which was Also Supported by the Punjab Government And Punjab Police. In just the Short Period Of three Years, Humanity NGO Sought out Thousands Of Cases On Regular Bases And Fought them Out For Farmers by Supporting them and Organizing Huge Protests. Thousands of people and NGO members have taken part in it.

And As of Now, 2022, Ishu Kalra and his team are fighting against the wrong things. Corruption and Visa consultants who have committed fraud with people without any political help. Humanity NGO is doing everything on its own, solving the case and helping the needful people..!

Humanity NGO has solved such cases as dowry and violating the human rights and cases like harassment of girls, Animal Rights. As NGO started, the first case registered To Humanity NGO was a Woman who was beaten by his Husband For Not giving them things. An Expected Complaint was

Directly Given to President Ishu Kalra as per investigation, Ishu and his team met the family Of the girl and studied the case properly, and the first case of Humanity NGO was solved in 48 hours as registered.

As per for everyone’s information, Ishu Kalra is a common living person. He doesn’t like to show off what he has achieved in life, but so, as we all know, standing on the path of truth always has been costly. As per information, some people used to hate him as they thought, “how someone like him, a Common living boy standing against all odds and how he can be loved by all.”

Even big Stars in Bollywood Industry and famous international tennis player Sania Mirza and many more. His status has reached so high even people were thinking he could be the future of the industry as he takes the youth on the right path, it is very obvious that people would be jealous of him, but this jealousy factor turned out very much raise difficulties

Ishu Kalra has been starting receiving threats in recent months…!

But Ishu Kalra says, “I will never stop serving the nation no matter what who thinks what. I am not doing it if somebody is thinking of its for fame. It’s ok, because of me someone is smiling. Then yes, I like the fame, and I will always be fighting for human rights. I will never let anything wrong happen, no matter what it costs me. Humanity is the first religion for everyone. If you can’t follow the religion of Humanity, your worship of God is nothing..!”

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