op soni press conference Sanitizer Ghotala

Snehil Sharma Chandigarh. Amidst threats related to thugs and scams in the Punjab’s health department, the former Punjab Deputy CM Om Prakash Soni on Friday gave his defense. A personal lawyer was also accompanying Soni in the press conference. OP Soni said that he has come to talk about the purchase of sanitizer and SPI insurance company.

Soni’s name has been in the news for the past few days in the sanitizer scam. It is alleged that the sanitizer purchased during the Corona period under the Congress government was very expensive. In its defence, Soni said that rumors were being spread that sanitizers worth Rs 2,250 crore were bought across Punjab, which was not the case. In Punjab, sanitizers worth only Rs 2.50 crore were purchased.

He said that in his last 35 years of political career, he has only served Punjab. Whatever is being said about them is not true.

Soni said that the sanitizer was procured at the rate fixed by the Government of India. The Government of India was buying the sanitizer from the same company, at the rate at which the Punjab Government had bought the sanitizer. So the question of raising the rates does not arise.


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