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Today we will know about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi through this article.

If we talk about Rahul Gandhi, his lifestyle has been such that Rahul Gandhi has always been the strongest advocate of purposeful politics. If we look at the past years, Rahul Gandhi has expressed his clear views on many issues, but he has always had special emphasis on issues like non-violence, equality and justice.
Rahul Gandhi has internalized these qualities through deep engagement with Indian politics and history and has developed a deep understanding of the Indian social fabric. He has experienced the pain of losing both his father and grandmother to violence and hate incidents and it is because of this experience that Rahul Gandhi has always been an advocate of the Gandhian philosophy of non-violence and truth.

Birth and Education of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi was born on 19 June 1970. Rahul Gandhi spent his childhood in Delhi, the political center of India, and Dehradun, located in the valley between the Himalayas and the Shivaliks. He started his academic career at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, before going to Harvard University, USA. But due to security reasons after the assassination of his father, late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul transferred to Rollins College, Florida in his second year of graduation. Rahul Gandhi received his bachelor’s degree in 1994. A year later he received the M.Phil degree from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Rahul Gandhi’s Professional Career begins

After completing his education, Rahul started his professional career with Monitor Group, a London-based management consulting firm. He was determined to pursue a professional career before entering politics.

Rahul Gandhi soon returned to India and founded his own technology consulting company in Mumbai, where he led his team as a director. The influence of his work in management and technology is evident in his political leanings. This is the reason why Rahul Gandhi has always been a strong advocate of the fact that accurate and efficient use of technology can enhance the power of India’s greatest asset – its citizens.

Rahul Gandhi’s entry into Politics

Now let’s look at Rahul Gandhi’s entry into Indian politics. In the year 2004, Rahul Gandhi got a golden opportunity to serve his country and become an important part of its development. He chose to contest elections from his father’s constituency and continue his legacy of serving the people of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi won his first election by a huge margin of 2,90,853 votes, symbolizing the confidence reposed in him by the people of his constituency. From the beginning, Rahul has clearly believed that the future of our country lies with its people.

Through the ups and downs in his fifteen-year long political career, Rahul has proved many of the principles that won people’s hearts in his very first election.

After this, Rahul Gandhi gained momentum and in the year 2013, Rahul Gandhi was elected the Vice President of the Congress Party. Within the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi played a key role in taking the party forward in line with the core principles of the Congress.Rahul Gandhi made tireless efforts to democratize the student organization and youth wing of the Congress Party and ensured freshness of youth leadership in the country’s oldest party by encouraging young leaders to take charge.His important role in shaping the party in line with the core values ​​of the Congress in his political career earned him the post of President of the Congress Party in 2017. Under the guidance of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Party once again emerged as the voice of the nation.

In this journey of politics, as the President of the opposition party, Rahul Gandhi played an important role in raising the demands of various sections of the country. He strongly supported the rights of the poor and marginalized people. He led the fight against the ruling government on demonetization, Aadhaar, GST and many poorly implemented policies.

Let us tell you that his current role as MP in the 17th Lok Sabha is as the representative of Wayanad constituency of Kerala. After resigning from the post of Congress Party President, he devoted all his attention and energy to representing the people of Wayanad and questioning the government on several issues like the undemocratic abrogation of Article 370 and human rights violations by the government in Kashmir.

Through “Bharat Jodo Yatra”, Rahul Gandhi went to every corner of India and met the general public and backward people, learned about their problems and connected with them, Rahul Gandhi surrounded the Center on every issue, questioned the Center and raised questions on the Center. Many times he had to face criticism and allegations, but following the path of his father and grandmother, he never gave up and faced every criticism, accusation and counter-allegation with strength.

Rahul Gandhi’s preparation for Lok Sabha Elections

Rahul Gandhi has also geared up for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, he has entered the field with full zeal and enthusiasm to make Congress win these elections and is continuously placing the shortcomings of the Center before the people, although he It has to be decided who this time the public elects as their Prime Minister, whose government comes to power, but Rahul Gandhi is walking in step with the entire Congress and is trying his best to win.


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