Ukrainian Russia Conflict

Putin announces military operation in eastern Ukraine, explosions heard in many cities of Ukraine

Moscow, Feb 24. Massive explosions were heard in several cities of Ukraine after Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia announced a military operation this Thursday.

Russia’s military says through the sources it has targeted Ukraine’s airports and other military assets, not the populated areas.

The President also has warned other nations around the world that any attempt to interfere with Russian action “will have to face consequences they have never seen before”.

Vladimir Putin has claimed the attacks are being carried out to protect people in eastern Ukraine, which the US has described as just an excuse to attack.

Putin, in a TV Video, addressed, and also accused the US and its allies of blocking Ukraine from joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and ignoring Russia’s demand for security guarantees to Moscow.

Putin’s statement came just before a massive explosion was heard in Kharkiv, Odessa. Previously Ukrainian Ambassador to India urged India to talk to Putin

Earlier, US President Joe Biden denounced Russia’s intention to launch an “unprovoked and unprovoked” attack on Ukraine. The president said the US and its allies would “fix Russia’s accountability” for this. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan urged to meet Putin on the matter to which US President Joe Biden replied and praised that it is the responsibility of every “responsible” country to voice the objection to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.


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