America doesn’t want the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to end?

Chandigarh – The battle between Russia and Ukraine has been over for more than two years. It started on February 24, 2022. Thousands of individuals from both countries died as a result of this violent conflict. Regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, Humari Baat News Agency had an interview with young entrepreneur and youth motivator Sahil Bhugra, in which we got to know Bhugra’s perspectives on the conflict. Let us take a closer look at Sahil Bhugra’s perspective on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Sahil Bhugra’s stance on Russia vs. Ukraine

It is terribly painful to see people dying in the conflict, especially men. I’m not sure if people are looking at this fight from a humanitarian standpoint. This fight isn’t new; it began a decade ago. Surprisingly, Vladimir Putin has already signaled that he intends to terminate the war by negotiating with Ukraine, but it appears that both Ukraine and America are engaging in dirty politics to escalate the conflict.

Sahil Bhugra

Donald Trump can put an end to this war: Sahil Bhugra

He stated, “In my perspective, this war can only be stopped if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States. I say this because he supports peace, as he stated in an interview with the BBC. Instead of siding with the Democrats, he stands up to preserve lives. Not only that, but he claimed to have ended the war between the two countries in 24 hours through negotiation.

He continued on to say that the world needs peace and good international relations, which can only be achieved if all countries’ leaders are logical and stand up for what is right and wrong.

International relationships won’t be the same as previously

Sahil Bhugra stated, “In my opinion, all countries should worry about themselves and their population before helping other countries and their citizens since this is no longer just a fight between two countries; it has caused a schism between NATO and BRICS. According to me, the BRICS will do all possible to devalue the US dollar since Biden is abusing the authority that the US possesses. This would never have happened if someone other than Biden was the head of the world’s greatest nation.”

He went on to say that this battle has had a global impact. He believes that international relations will not be the same as previously. People will experience unexpected adjustments.

Sahil commented about India’s neutral stance

He stated that he doesn’t want to mislead people by providing incorrect answers on this matter; thus, he believes that those in positions of authority understand what should and shouldn’t be said. India understands how to use politics to keep peace with power. In my perspective, if maintaining a neutral attitude allows India to avoid war with any country, it is an excellent method to manage foreign affairs.

America’s key role in the conflict

He stated that my position on this is extremely obvious. There is no doubt that American aid was the most beneficial to Ukraine. But then the question arises: why and at what cost did America assist Ukraine?

He went on to say that if Donald Trump had led the country instead of the Democrats, the war may have been avoided. The Democratic government of America exploited American taxpayers’ taxes to slaughter people. It is truly rare that liberals protesting in North America demonstrate their support for Ukraine rather than being concerned about the number of people killed in both nations. People forgot about humanity and focused solely on who would win.

In his perspective, the US government should focus on its own country and people before participating in the affairs of others. This is the same country that gave Ukraine billions of dollars when its citizens were hungry in the streets and faced numerous economic hardships. They claim to be proud of their country while remaining unconcerned about illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. All of this crazyness in America will come to an end if we have someone who can define a woman.

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