Actor Sonu Sood emerged as the Messaih in the toughest period of corona pandemic. He always help people in every possible manner and this time he found a different and another method to help people. As it is evident that the proportion of corona cases are rising day by day and face many problems such as shortage of oxygen and less count of ICU beds. To overcome this problem and to help people Sonu Sood found a unique way as he has formed a group on telegram by which he can help the needy globally. Moreover, this group was created on Saturday and was informed to people through tweeting about it on twitter.

This telegram group is “Sonu Sood Covid Force”and he appealed to the citizens of the country to join this force. Sonu Sood wrote: ‘Now the country will come together. Join me on telegram channel’ India fights with Covid, will save the country.

In addition to this, Sonu Sood helps people at every moment. In recent times, he arranged air ambulance for corona infected girl and she’s from Nagpur. The girl’s lungs were affected approximately about 85 to 90 percent from the virus. To save the girl , the actor airlifted the girl from Nagpur to Hyderabad and admitted her to Apollo Hospital. Moreover on the same day (Friday) Sonu Sood informed the people that he has recovered from corona infection and the reports are also negative and now he is fine and healthy.


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