December 5, 2023, New Delhi: BJP Spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala blamed a political party by sentencing a detailed tweet, “One political party social media leader had engaged services of several “celebrity YouTube influencers” to go on the ground & create “Mahaul” in the name of “ground journalism”. He further said that “Top names were enlisted for hefty fees! They were staying at the same 5-star hotels as leaders of the said party!”

He slammed the party through the tweet that After a terrible debacle for the said party, He has made a quick analysis done through a rival of said social media leader (someone who is eyeing the same Rajya Sabha seat and hates the guts of that leader) & found that this social media leader that acted as “editor, broker & contractor” for these celebrity YouTubers pocketed a sweet ₹3.8 crores in 2 months! These claims have created rucks on social media.

As per sources revealed from Shehbaz, “The documents have been sent to top leadership with statements/ slips of payments taken from the party and payments made to YouTubers. On matching these there was a gap of ₹3.8crores!”

He further revealed that “It was also found that the same social media leader was often projected on the very same YouTube channels & platforms to build up her/his own social media presence at the cost of party funds! Screenshots & links have been sent!”

The said social media leader is now giving GAALIS to “celebrity YouTubers” in front of national leadership to portray that she/he had nothing to do with all this! Nobody is buying it. Evidence is there for all to see.

Was it all scripted? The narrative, the hype, the loud campaign, the bravado, the confidence! Questions are being raised on the effectiveness of the celebrity YouTubers – views did not convert into votes!!

Poonwala said he was only reporting what a senior leader of the said party told him. He begged me not to name anyone but wanted me to put this out. He left it to that leader to disclose the name if the leader felt it was appropriate. It is entirely their internal party matter.


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